New Age News

After reading this article by Jeff Jarvis and watching the video I realized that news really does need to change. The point of news channels is to educate the public. News anchors do educate the public but isn’t there a better way to go about it rather than sitting in a chair TELLING us what is going on through bunch of boring details and scripts? Forget the scripts and get down and dirty with what is happening. News has been around forever so it is stuck in the same routine it always has been. The question is, why when we are in a time of advanced technology and resources to make something spectacular.

I think TV has an entirely new opportunity to serve people more individually and less as a mass. I also think if news could get out of its old traditional ways they have an opportunity to make a huge impact on matters of importance. Its one thing to hear about what is going on but to see it through a video makes it so much more real. If a local news channel were to have a story line, forget the script and go out into the community having one-on-one interviews with homeless people and the struggles that they face I truly believe that could make an impact. People’s voices need to be heard rather than one anchorman’s voice being heard. I think that the people who should be running the news are young ambitious adults who have a passion for making a difference in the world and let them be heard.


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